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ACA Terms of Service

ACA representation Terms of Service

  1. The Artist agrees to be represented by ACA for performance work, including but not limited to, circus entertainment.
  2. This agreement is non-exclusive. The Artist may be represented by other agents/agencies/managers in addition to ACA.  ACA will represent multiple artists with similar skills.
  3. The Artist agrees that ACA shall seek opportunities for performance work in areas including but not limited to, corporate entertainment, festivals, private functions, traditional circus, film, television, stills photography, advertising, theme parks, cruise ships, contemporary circus companies and theatre.
  4. The Artist agrees to provide ACA with all the necessary information required to promote the Artist and their work. This material includes, at a minimum, performance CV, high resolution images, act information and videos.
  5. The Artist agrees to hold at all times current Public Liability insurance to the value of $20 million and to provide a copy to ACA (Personal Injury insurance optional but recommended by ACA)
  6. The Artist will hold all necessary rights and/or maintain licensing agreements for all acts provided to ACA to promote.
  7. The Artist agrees to take out all necessary licensing agreements for music used during performance.
  8. The Artist gives ACA the right to use any of the promotional material provided to ACA to promote ACA, Circus Arts, Byron Entertainment Centre and any associated events or promotional activities. This includes inclusion of images on websites and in printed marketing material.
  9. The Artist agrees to disclose to ACA any existing medical conditions which may hamper the Artist’s ability to perform or endanger other artists working in a partnership or ensemble with the Artist.
  10. The Artist will provide all props and apparatus required to perform their act. All apparatus will be of an appropriate safety standard.
  11. The Artist will provide all rigging equipment required to perform their aerial act. All rigging gear is to be rated and safety checked.
  12. All rigging is to be performed by a qualified circus rigger only. ACA will assist the artist in facilitating this where required. Final rigging is to be checked and approved by the Artist, in the presence of the rigger, on site prior to performing.
  13. The Artist agrees to act in a safe and responsible manner at all times, adhering to their own safety requirements and the OHS requirements of riggers and the venue so as not to unnecessarily compromise the safety of themselves, their colleagues or their audience.
  14. The Artist agrees to be punctual, courteous and professional at all times when working as a representative of ACA.
  15. The Artist agrees to be well presented at all ACA jobs including clean and ironed costumes, well maintained props, suitable hair and makeup and free from the effects of drugs or alcohol.
  16. Once ACA confirms the Artist for a job, either verbally or in writing, and the Artist accepts that work, the Artist is then liable for any damages or loss of income resulting from the Artists inability to perform such job unless suitable time is given to ACA to find a replacement.
  17. The Artist agrees to refer all enquiries from an ACA job back to ACA. ACA aims to build a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with its artists, providing professional work opportunities which support and promote the Artist. Therefore, the Artist agrees to support ACA by referring clients to ACA and working through ACA where possible.
  18. ACA will charge a fee of 20% of the gross Artist fee for its services.  An administration fee of 10% may be charged in some cases.
  19. ACA reserves the right to terminate an Artist’s representation for reasons including but not limited to, misconduct at jobs, defamation of ACA in any way, failing to maintain skill set and performance level or taking paid work resulting from an ACA job without going through ACA. ACA will notify the Artist of their termination in writing.
  20. The Artist may remove themselves from the ACA books by giving notice in writing. All existing bookings with ACA will need to be honoured prior to termination of this agreement.