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About ACA

Circus In Australia

The Australian circus industry continues to flourish,  providing us with an array of spectacular contemporary and traditional circus artists bringing stunning performance onto our stages and into our events. Circus is an art form like no other and,  as its popularity continues to grow,  the art form continues to evolve and adapt,  incorporating traditional styles with new,  borrowing a hint of burlesque or a touch of the grotesque to create an art form that is ever innovative,  inspiring,  tantalising and engaging.

Circus requires a physical and mental dedication and discipline demanded of no other art form.  Our artists have spent years hurting,  sweating,  bleeding and risk taking to achieve the level of skill that they bring to the stage for the audience to enjoy.

At ACA,  we celebrate this exceptional and exciting industry and the talented artists who embody it.  We honour our artists by investing our time and energy so we can represent them as individuals.  We are passionate about celebrating and promoting the unique individual achievements and talents of each of our artists.

 ACA understands that circus is an exceptional and specialised art form.  Our team has the knowledge and experience to showcase circus via a diverse range of performance platforms.  We work closely with our artists to develop a performance that is creative,  fresh,  exciting and engages the audience.  We communicate clearly with our clients about what makes each artist and each act unique,  allowing them to select the perfect entertainer for their event or performance brief.  ACA lives and breathes circus and once you have worked with us,  you will too!